Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Dear friends and viewers,
As you all must be aware of the fact that some insecured ,blogger ie. Mr Nair has put up a notice on his blog stating that we are emulating or copying his concept, I would like to clarify it here on our blog as to the allegations made by him on his blog (since he did not put it on the comments section here and put up a notice on his blog, which I think I visited after ages after being informed by the followers of this blog) :-
Firstly your notice Mr Nair proves that you have been following this blog regularly, please accept my personal thanks for doing so, you are welcomed to the blog for whatever reasons of your visit. Now you say its your concept of giving night odds, well sir please be well informed the concept of night odds came in right from the time www.bestsetgo.com existed on the net,you could find that out from anyone with a knowledge of following races through internet. And we are giving night odds as obtained from the bookmakers we don’t prepare them to fool around with the racing public, the day we don’t recive them we just don’t publish them, so I presume if you are doing the same odds got to be the same, no one teaches anyone as you claim.
You say we are out to prove what your DFR or what ever you call it is (Its your conceience not us), firstly I would say if you feel that we are using method tought by you then could you please answer me back as to why we did not attain the same values as you did ? obvious reason I can think of is that our mehods are different, which I am sure most will agree,.you call it DFR , Abel calls it Media power, I name it Info power, which was requested by my viewers and I am giving it to them, I don’t think I have to give you credit for that. I never claimed it to be my find as you say, the concept was provided to me by my viewers and I implemented the same.
Lastly before pitying me and my followers, please concentrate on your own work, instead of looking around and finding faults in others work, I am sure that is not your concept of blogging. If you have confidence in you (which I surely doubt after seeing such unwanted notice) plese show it in your work, and please don’t beg around for credits.
Today what I see with other co bloggers is that we are never shy of asking favours or help each other, we compliment each other be it senior bloggers, or new comers, its only you who tries to find fault in others, answer back two questions and the credit will go to you as desired by you,
1) What came first murgi or the aanda ?
2) Where does a circle starts or ends ?
I can assure you that I am a total race lover or crazy as you may call it, and I love to do my work which I shall continue to do as long as I enjoy it, its upto the Public to decide if they appreciate my work or not, if they do they are welcomed to do it, I carry on without any sence of competition, or blog war as you may call it, I am aware of my abilities and limits and that’s what matters to me the most.
Hope I have made my self clear, to you and its high time you clearfy your greviance with the concerned person before acclaiming anything through such unwanted notices in public.


Info power is a good work, I am sure it will emerge into one of the most important wagering tool, that this blog is a success needs no further proof, as success has many fathers, failure is an orphan.

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