Saturday, October 04, 2008



3rd Race
CHIOS : Systematically preapred at Mumbai since well in shape contesting for a better result.
HANDSOME RETURNS : Benefited couple of run, an yet to clear Maiden contestant well in shape may raise a winning flag.
NAME FOR FAME : Good 4th over 1800 metres, in pink of condition should be considerable one for a better result..
TELSTAR : Beaten in 20-46 group over mile. A classic mould, not to be ignored.
BOURBON QUEEN : Filling up the frame in both starts. If decide, a different to the rest. Keep an eye.
4th Race
CULCRIEFF : Working brilliantly since may raise a winning flag.
EMPIRE MAKER : An impressive track perfomance suggest for an early win.
SARJERAO : Beaten over 1000 metres in 20-40 group since an yet to clear Maiden contestant facing moderate company.
EXCELLENT GIFT : Failed favourite one of three starts. In good shape contesting for a better result.
NOBLE DEEDS : Systematically perpared one hidding behind the clouds.
YAMUNA : Going great guns in trails run. Can dominate.
5th Race
GRUEZI : A couple of run in Bangalore Summer, are noteworthy. If decide, whoever beats me is a winner.
YANA : A brilliant hattricker facing carrier tough challenge company. Not to be ignored.
AGASSIZ : Come dowm from Mysore, If any upset will be there at the finish.
NANJING : Racing in better company. Capable one if any better challenge of this lot.
OYSTER PRINCESS : Knocking at the door in all starts. If any upset, can have a say at the finish.
TIGRESSE NOIRE : Benefited by a couple of run , an improved one well behind the clouds. Can upset.
WORLD WAR THREE : On board in all starts, alive danger to the best.
6th Race
STARLITE EXPRESS : Knocking at the door in both starts. With a strong assitance capable one for a better thing.
LIL MISS SUNSHINE : Benefited by a couple of run an yet to clear Maiden contestant has improved potenciality and may raise a Maiden flag.
AMBER CAT : A Maiden contestant in open class. Can upset.
STRIKE IT RICH ;' Systematically prepared, if extend can pose danger.
JOHNNY BRAVO : Has improved a lot since my reharsal spurts. If given a chance to go farward capable one may tackle any better challenge this company.
7th Race
HONEYDAY : A demotee working brilliantly trials run. If allow to go farwars can make the trip well to my favour.
SEA GULL : A surpraiser over in mile. Well in shape can defy the penalty of 3½Kg.
RED CLOUD : Found hard while placing late 4th over similar trip can fight for honours.
FLO NIGHTINGALE : A rank outsider, hidding behind the clouds.
LIGHTNING BOLT : Benefited by reharsal run, an improved one waiting for a chance.
LOVELY FEELINGS : Nosed out winner in lower class since less to carry 5½Kg well in my favour and may repeat the show.
FIREY FUTURE : Failing in a blanket finish while beaten 1200 metres by the winner NUNCIO since less to carry 7Kg, looking alive danger to the upper class proceedings.
Best 5-2
Good best 1-1 2-5 3-5
Outsider 4-4 6-3


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