Saturday, October 04, 2008


3rd Race
YAAN : A demotee in an arousing form. Keep an eye.
SHAYARA : Ignore the failure an yet to clear the Maiden, has got a bright chance. Can raise a winning flag.
BORZU AGAIN : Found good while placing late 3rd over 1000 metres. I am capable for better thing.
BEACON LIGHT : Working brilliantly anc kept in the dark.
BLACK WARRIOR : Failed favourite one off four starts. Keep an eye.
ARABIAN GUEST : A rank outsider, if given a chance to go farward, will be there at the finish.
4th Race
SPICA : Down a class, should be considerable one for a better thing.
PREMIER PERCEPTION: A facile winner while raising a winning flag over 1400 meters. Can defy the penalty.
HEIFITZ : On board in all starts. If any upset, will be there at the finish.
TOP ACTION : If money flows on me i am a Tressure to my connections. Keep an eye.
PILLATUS : Failed favourite while placing an unextended over 1400 metres. In an arousing form, can raise a winning flag when i like.
STELLAR AFFAIR : A consistent performer well behind the clouds. An early win is well around the corner,
5th Race
TOUCH OF LAND : Nosed out winner over 1200 metres, has been penalised by 7½Kg. Retains form.
GLOBAL SPIRIT : Found good while placing late 4th over 1400 metres good enough to fight for honours.
SLICKKIT : An yet to clear Maiden, has improved a lot since my final close 2nd 1200 metres. In pink of condition, can raise a winning flag.
SOPHIE : A reserve horse well behind the clouds.
LA JOIE DE VIE ; An early Working brilliantly and full of statisfaction suggest for a win.
PHOSPHOR : Benefited by the couple of run, waiting for a chance. Keep an eye.
HI DOLLY : Knocking at the door in all starts. If put stepts farward, and a different customer to the rest.
6th Race
CAMEO : A facile winner has failed to repeat 40-66 group wherein finishing an easy 4th to over 1200 meters to the winner favourite LECHWE is being an ecourgable one for an early win.
STUD OF GOLD : A reserve horse behind the cloud.
WILD TORRONAADO : Failing to make it three in a row while placing off the frame. Good in shape, capable one for a better thing.
SPITZ : Clear the Maiden in a stylish way but failing to repeat while beaten in three way finish over 1200 metres in 40-60 group. Can dominate.
ROMAN BEAUTY : A reserve horse, behind the clouds.
TOMMY CARMICHAEL : Filling up the frame in lower group 20-46 since less to carry 3½Kg has got a bright chance in upper class.
7th Race
VANTAGE : A facile winner came out from Maiden wherein won and beating challenger ALO HOHAMOR since failing to repeat in upper class.
HIGHLAND MAGIC : A Maiden contestant has improved since Mumbai run. In good in shape facing an open class challenge.
ROYAL CROWN : Well rested since my easy 4th to WALKING TALK at Mumba. More in saddle, contesting for a better result.
QUEENS COURT : Found good while placing late 4th PERMIER QUEEN. An early win is a long over due.
GALACTICA : Knocking at the door in good much and improved maiden contestant is waiting for a chance.
ARBUDH : Promotee in good shape. Less to carry 7½Kg looking good may raise a winning flag.
Best 7-2
Good best 2-6 4-7 5-3
Outsider 5-1 7-8


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