Saturday, September 20, 2008



Probes - PUNE
4th Race
FIREFOOT - Prepared well and waiting for a chance.
OYSTER GEM - Found good while placing on good 4th to the winner and fav.
JUVENTUS .Can do better .
WAFADAR - Prepared and kept in dark for a long time.
STARTHENDRICK - Rank outsider ,waiting for a chance.
5th Race
IKARIA - A facile winner while justifying favouritism over 1400 metres since welll condition ,heading for a double.
MAJOR WAGER - Rank outsider ,behind the clouds.
SOLID BLACK - Found good while raising a winning flag.More in saddle ,may tackle the upper class challenge.
SEA PRINCESS - Came out from Maiden in a stylish way where the way who justifing favouritism as like is being an encouragable one well and may repeat show
DANCE MAESTRO - Failed favourite while beaten over 1800 metres which unsuit my
compus is to be ignored over the shorter 200 metres .May make amends.
SPITZ - Maiden clear winner well in weight ,may pose a danger to open class proceeding.
6th Race
RUBEN STAR - A classic contestent ,well rested since to my final 4th to the winner
DIEGO RIVERA over 1600 metres .If signal to go farward ,capable for a better thing.
OASIS STAR - Brilliant hattricker while raising a winning flag over 1200 metres .In an arousing fom .the Sprinter Championg ready for an outstanding display.
AVEC PLAISIR - If given a chance,am better one well may upset the issue.
CZAR ALEXANDER - Faced better company. Not to be ignored.
DEMOCRATICUS - A contestent performer while beating LOMBARDIA over 2000 metres at Mumbai. More in condident ,contesting for a better results.
OYSTER COVE - An outsider ,in dark.
COTSWOLD ARMS - Good while placing late 3rd to the winner DIEGO RIVERA over 1600 metres since improved condition,may tackle this company.
ESCARAVOS - Failing to impress in a five finish ,the proof of current form well in favour and may pose a danger.
LADY ONE - Well in at weight ,if decide to put steps farward,capable one may tackle any tough challenge of this lot.
HUGO - On this tidy mark,alive danger to the rest.
7th Race
EXPENSIVE AFFAIR - Filling up the frame in all starts .More in saddle,waiting for a chance.
STAR IMPACT - Failing favourite while placing late over 1400 metres since well in shape may raise a winning flag.
VICTOR IVANOV - A reserve horse ,well behing the clouds.
KAPATHOS - Beaten by a better class winner RECARDO over 1400 metres since well shape ,may walkway from the fields.
LA JOIE DE VIE - Systematicall prepared and kept in dark.
WINGS OF ANGELS - Knocking at the door in both starts .My turn is well around the corner.
8th Race
FRANGIPANI - An yet to clear Maiden contest ,has improved potentiality since to my final easy 5th to the winner and hot money favourte ASCELEPEION in open 0-26 .If decide to put steps farward whoever beats me is a winner,
GOLDEN ORRA - Faield favourite while placing off the frame since well in shape ,contesting for a better results.
SUDDEN IMPACT - Beaten as favourite while placing 4th to the winner LADY TROOPER .Give me yet anther chance.
JOLTEON - Failed favourite while failing to impress in a battle finish over 1200 metres since well shape ,may keep my rivals in distance.
ARABIAN GUEST - Filling up the frame in both starts since well in condition ,may upset the issue.
Day Best (6-2); Good Best (3-1, 5-7, 7-6); Outsider (7-10, 8-10)


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