Friday, September 19, 2008



4th Race
DAFFODILS : Failed favourite in upper class where in placing 5th over 1000 metres is to be ignored. In pink of condition, can tackle this company as like.
ARTISTIC LIASON : An impressive performer while hoisting Maiden flag in 20-46 open class over 1200 metres since failing to repeat after being held up in subsequent gallop over 1200 metres is to be ignored. Can dominate.
EVERYBODY COUNTS : Good 3rd over 1000 metres to Swept Away. An outisder, well behind the clouds.
SHARP MEMORY : Good 4th over 1400 metres. If any upset, will be there at the finish.
FLO NIGHTINGALE : If allow me to run true to form, alive danger to the rest.
5th Race
PERSONIFIED : Found Yana too good over similar in the Ape Truck Eve Champion Trophy (Gr II) since a bred to stay conestent, has got a better chance to hoist a winning flag.
NITROUS : Has been beaten over 1200 metres by a better one and fav Aquadisac. Distance to travel is well in compus and may make amends.
KINGDOM OF LOVE : Justiyfing favouritism as like over 2000 metres. Retains form well.
6th Race
EQUALITY : Benefited by a couple of run in open class 20-46, the Maiden contestent improved much ready for walkway performance.
FIRE WITHIN : A dark one, ready for the fray.
SUPREME FALCON : Final impressive late 2nd over similar trip, being my best effort well in favour and may tackle this company.
WESTERN CHALLENGE : Good while failing to justifying favouritism over 1800 metres since well in shape, can utilise the trip well to my favour.
APTIANA : Noteworthy 2nd over 1400 metres to the hot money favourite, Golden Simple. Looking a different one over the longer course which am going to be tasted. Keep an eye.
CONGRATS : Failed favourite in open 20-46 group wherein placed late 4th over 1400 metres here is to be ignored. Can dominate.
7th Race
NATIVE STRATEGY : More in saddle, filling up the frame in upper group. Down a class, a best one should be considered for an outstaning chance over well tased distance.
SPICA : A demotee in an arousing form. Keep an eye whenever saddle.
HERE COMES THE DON : A facile winner over 1400 metres, has failed in promoted run where in placing 3rd over 1400 meters to Here Comes The Don is to be ignored. I am capable one for fight.
PREMIER PERCEPTION : An outsider while raising wining flag in my final attempt over 1000 metres. Good in shape, retaning form.
ALGO MAS : An easy reharsal 6th over 1000 metres in upper group sicne to carry 11kg handicap more, will not prove a stopper of my positive proceeding. Keep an eye.
BORN TO LEAD : Found good while plaicng 2nd over 1200 metres. Can upset the issue.
RED DAWN : Knocking at the door in all three starts final an unwanted late over 1000 metres to the favourite and winner Legendary suggest for an early win which is a long , long over due.
COSMIC FLOWER : An outsider in dark.
ISHTAR : A surpraiser at 60kg over 1400 metres since less to carry 4½Kg, may pose a danger to the upper class challenge.
GOLDEN SPURS : Lucky survivor over1200 metres in lower group. Well in at wweight, facing an upper class challenge.
8th Race
MOUNTAIN KING : Joint failed favourite while placing hard trying 3rd over similar trip. Better one, capable for an yet another chance.
DANCE AWAY : Benefited by a couple run, an yet to clear Maiden contestent in an open class.
FIRECRACKER : An unwanted 2nd over 1200, the proof of improved form suggest for an early win which well around due in corner.
BINEE : A surpraiser while raising a winning flag over identical trip. Retaining form quit well, may defy the penalty of 6kg handicap.
ZUETINA : Filling up the frame.I am in the fighting line.
ORIENTAL JEWEL : Noteworthy while knocking at door. My turn is around the corner.
YOWZA : A Maiden contestent, the way who placed late 4th in open class 0-26, is being an encourable well may strike.
HOUSE PREFECT : On board in both starts well in at weight, may upset the calculation.
Best 7-1
Good best 3-7 5-1 8-6
Outsider 4-6 8-12


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