Wednesday, September 17, 2008



4th Race
MISCHIEF INHISEYES : Failed favourite while placing an unextend 5th to PONTE ROMANO. A cut above class contestent, kept ready for the fray.
LOCAL WARRIOR : Faced a better company challenge, well in favour and may upset the calculation.
FLAMING LAMBORGINI: Filling up the frame in all starts. Can pose a danger.
5th Race
ALLEGRO : Has been beaten over 1400 metres by a better one Potential Star. In absence of better class Potential Star, looking good and can make amends.
STARRY VIEW : Filling up the frame in both starts. with a better assist can do wonders.
BRIDGE TOO FAR : Come down from Pune. Needs more attention.
EXCELLENT SPEED : Down a class, should be considered for a better show.
COMMAND : Noteworthy 2nd over 1400 metres. If signal whoever beats me is a winner.
6th Race
SPLENDID SURPRISE : Failed favourite while placing 5th to Woman On Top over 1400 metres. Not to be ignored over in mile.
GUEST CONNECTIONS : Gave up 3rd to Woman On Top and Lion Heart over 1400 metres since good shape, waiting for green signal.
LIONHEART : An unluckty while faiting to catch the winner Woman On Top over 1400 metres. Looking good over the extra 200 metres well and may honour.
SECRET SONG : Justifying favouritism in a stylish way on both starts well and heading for an hattrick.
JET FIRE : Knocking at the door in all starts at Bangalore Summer. A live damger one well hidding behind the clouds.
WESTERN COMMAND : A brilliant hattricker at Bangalroe Summer since less to carry 4 kg good in shape, may honour.
7th Race
BALLERINA GIRL : Justifying favouritism as like over 1200 metres since well condition, may defy the penality of 1½Kg.
REBELLIOUS : Came too late on the scene while placing a good 2nd to over 1200 metres to winner Tina's Triumph. In pick of condition, can walk away from the fields.
PANCHAKSHARI ; A farward runner while beaten at 62Kg over similar trip by the winner Tina's Triumph and REBELLIOUS. Good in condtion, contesting for a better result.
SWIFT SWORD : A facile winner in 20-45 group over 1400 sice failing do better in promoted 40-65 group with a cut above class contestant and favourite Open Opinion. In absence of Open Opinion, a different customer well, may make amends.
ZAFAR : Judicously prepared at Bangalore Summer and kept ready for the fray.
8th Race
I WANNA FLY : Has improved much well since to my couple of run. Good in shape, waiting for a green signal.
KARUMBA : Mody Customer, behind the clouds.
AZAZEL : Filling up the frame in both starts since well in condition, waiting for a chance.
GLINT REVELATION : On board in both start where in the style who filling up the frame suggest for an early win.
FIT FOR FRAY : Ignore the failure. if decide to go farward, can make the trip well in favour and can keep rivals in distance.
9th Race
BERKLEY SQUARE : If decide to put steps farward, will be a different one from the rest.
WORTH A GOLD : Down a class, considered me for a better thing.
YOU'REMY SENSATION : Noteworthy while placing 2nd over 1400 metres to Royal Strider since improved much and can keep rivals in distance.
RUNNING MAN : Knocking at the door. An early win is long long over due. Keep an eye.
MAURITIUS STAR : Though aged, capable one for an upset.
STAR NEWS : Failed favourite while placing off the frame over in mile. Plenty in saddle, capable one for an easy amends.
Best 5-7
Good best 2-1 3-1 7-9
Outsuider 7-7 9-9


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