Thursday, September 11, 2008


5th Race
FIRE BRIGADE : Down a class, not to be ignored.
AN EQUAL MUSIC : Systematically prepared and waiting for a chance.
STAR FLIGHT : Lower class winner, more in confident faicing an upper class. Can repeat.
SHOWHORSE : Failed to impress in a narrow finish over 1100 metres wherein beaten by an outsider ALYCIAA is to be ignored. Less to carry 7½Kg handicap, capable one, may tackle upper class challenge.
6th Race
ROYAL PLAYER : Justifying favourtism in 20-40 group at Bangalore Summer.
STAR WAVE : Twice winner and failed favourite off four start at Bangalore Summer. In an arousing form, contesting for a better result.
CHIMERIQUE : Won like a champion while raising a winning flag over in mile in 40-60 group. In pink of condition, can face any better challenge.
KIARA : Disappionted as an hot money favourite while beaten in a three horse field over 1400 metres by an outsider ICE BERKER. Good in shape, mile trip is well in my campus and can revenge.
ICEBREAKER : A surpriaser while snatching verdict from hot money favourite KIARA over 1400 metres. More in confident, can make it a double.
7th Race
LIVING LUXURY : Nosed out winne while justifying favouritism and an lucky survivor from the challenger ON A ROLL over similar trip. Retains forms well can pity.
FANTABULOUS PRINCE : Failed favourite one of two starts. Better one , can have a say at the finish.
FLAMING LAMBORGINI : Filled up the frame in better company at Banglore Summer. Not to be ignored.
8th Race
PRESENT GLORY : Distance clear winner at 60Kg handicap. A Treble class promotee, as a bright chance to repeat the show.
ON A ROLL : Has been beaten over similar by the favourite LIVING LUXURY since well in shape, contesting for a better result. Can make amends.
IN THE ZONE : Knocking at the door at Bangalore Summer. A dark one is waiting for a chance.
AMATOL : Benefited couple of run well in my favour, if extend, alive danger to the best.
I WANNA FLY : Dark one, kept in cold storage for a long time, needs more attention.
LEON CAVALLO : Well rested since debut 3rd at Bangalore Winter. Recovered form, facing an open class challenge.
BEAUTY DANCER : A contestant performer from Ooty, if signal to go farward can keep rivals in distance.
Best 8-1
Good best 4-1 5-3 9-9
Outsider 5-8 9-5


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