Wednesday, September 10, 2008



4th Race
BROWN SUGAR : Good 4th while placing over mile. An early win is along over due.
SANDOKAN : Filling up the frame in all starts. Since waiting for a win which is well around the corner.
STYLISH BAY : Noteworthy while failing in a blacket finish over 1400 metres with CHIEF'S DREAM to honour. Plenty in saddle, can utilise the extra mile trip well to my favour.
ALEJANDROS : If any upset, i will be there at the finish.
MILL FONTAINE : Won like a champion in both starts. In an arounsing form, promotee heading for an easy hattrick.
SAPTASHWA : Beaten over in mile, considered me for an yet another chance.
ASSERT THE RIGHT : An unextend good 2nd while placing to the winner CHIMERIQE, less to carry 8½Kg looking a best of the lot well, may walk away from the fields.
CHILLY WIND :Getting an advantage handicap 10Kg, since to my final 3rd to MILLFOUNTAIN, is Wbeing an encourgable one for me and suggest for an easy amends. Keep an eye
5th Race
INDIA SHINING : Well rested come down Bangalore summer. Needs more attention.
COPENHAGEN : Benefited by a couple of run, has improved a lot may strike soon. Keep an eye on me whenever saddle.
MID SUMMER STAR : Surrendered a bright chance while failling to keep the stright over 1400 metres wherein placed beginning 4th over is to be ignored. Capable one for a better chance.
CANNON RUN : Found good while placing late 3rd to hot money favourite over 1200 metres. Good in shape, can have a say at the finish.
ROYAL STRIDER : Won as like a champion in lower group over similar trip. Addition of ½Kg handicap, facing an upper class challenge. Can repeat.
BADGE OF HONOR : Dark one, if extend will be there at the finish.
AFGHAN : Noteworthy while placing late 3rd over similar trip suggestt an early win which is along over due.
HIDALGO : Good 2nd over 2000 metres at Bangalore Summer. If dicides allow to run true to form, alive danger to this best of this lot.
6th Race
TALK OF THE DEVIL : A classic contestant at Bangalore Summer, is in and facing a moderate company. May walk away from the field.
DANGER DIABOLIC : Good second over 1200 metres at Summer since less to carry 6½Kg, can upset the upper class calculation.
NEWFOUNDLAND : A facile winner a lower class, a cut above class contestant can doulle
SWIFT FIRE : Failed favoruite while beaten in a five way battle finish wherein placed weakeniing 5th over in mile is to be ignored over the shorted trip which i am doing to be tasted.
LAVA : An unwanted 3rd over 1400 metres is being an encourgable one suggest for an early win which is a long long over due.
PIED PIPER : Getting advantage 9½Kg handicap since to my summer run is being well in favour and may upset the calculation.
LYRA : Failling to make it three in a row while placing late 5th to KINGDOM OF HEAVEN 1400 metres since less to carry 7Kg handicap, better one well to pose a danger.
TIME TO CELEBRATE : As a promotee, getting an advantage handicap of 12Kg since to my final 5th over similar trip well in my favour and may shake the confident of upper class proceedings.
BOUNTIFUL BEAUTY : Beaten over in mile 60-above group since less to carry 9Kg handicap, may upset the issue.
STONE OF DESTINY : Failed favourite while placing late 4th 1400 metres since well in at weight, looking good and make may ammends.
7th Race
DARKTAN ; An easy 5th in upper group 40-65 since facing an moderated company in lower class. Can dominate.
STORNOWAY : Twice failed favoruite and winner of four starts at Summer since had a couple of run here, has improved lot and may strike.
BALLERINA GIRL : Noteworthy while placing late 3rd over 1200 metres. Plenty in saddle, can acheive a better result.
BOSSY BOSS : Lower class winner at 60 Kg handicap, has failed to repeat in upper class over 1100 metres is to be ignored. Can upset.
GOLDEN FLOWERS : A revered horses well behind the clouds.
FATHER'S GLORY : Knocked at the door in all starts at Summer. Fit for the fray.
CLASIC ARMOUR : Benefited by a couple of run, improved one waiting for a signal.
PRINCESS EMILY : Filling up the frame in all starts at Bangalore Summer, less to carry 8Kg handicap looking alive danger to this upper class proceedings. Keep an eye.
8th Race
FOREVER GRANDE : Down a class. If extend, a different customer. Keep an eye.
OUR LANCER : Systematically prepared at Bangalore Summer. Waiting for a chance.
PLACE HER WELL : Beaten in a blanket finish over similar trip by the winner VICTORY QUEEN. Capable one, may make amends.
PAL JOEY : Benefited by a run here, has improved a lot, if given a chance to go farward, may raise a winning flag.
CRUISE CONTROL : Final easy 4th to the winner Millford suggest for an early win.
RADDISH : An unwanted 4th while placing late to the winner and favourite SPORTING MASTER. Plenty in saddle, waiting for a signal.
DHANUSH : Dark one from Bangalore.
XIAN : Systematically prepared at Ooty. If money flows on me, whoever beats me is winner.
Best 7-4
Good best 3-3 4-6 7-4
Outsider 6-12 8-2


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