Saturday, August 30, 2008


3rd Race
RED MESA : Systematically perpared at Mumbai. If allow to go farward, i will be a different one at the finish.
ARABIAN SPEED : A facile winner lower class, has failed to repeat in promote run wherein placed easy 3rd to ZIAMEN over 1000 metres since capable one fight for a honours.
QUEENS COURT : Found effortless while placing late 4th to ARTIC LIASON since improved can keep rivals in distance.
TOOFAN MAIL : Found easy while placing reharsal 5th suggest for an early win which is a long long over due.
PREMIER QUEEN : An effortless 4th while placing 1200 metres SPARTA. My turn is well around the corner.
ROYAL EMPIRE : Tracking well, may upset the calculation.
4th Race
SPARTA : Winner over 1200 metres, has been penalised by 5Kg Can defy the same.
GOLDEN SPURS : Good 3rd over 1400 metres, a good proof of my current form suggest for a dominate proceedings.
ENCOURAGEMENT : An unbeaten performer in my final couple of start are well and heading for a positive hattrick.
VIJAYI BHAVA : Failed favourite while placing unextended 5th to ZIAMEN. More in saddle, i am better class well trip well to my favour.
SHAKTIMAN : A unbeaten performer in lower class, heading for a positive hattrick.
5th Race
DOUBLE DELITE : Benefited by a couple of run, an improved one who is racing for a better chance. Keep an eye.
ES SIDER : Reharsal unwanted 5th over 1200 metre, a proof of current improved form well in good condition, can hoist a winning flag.
FIRE VAULT : Systematically prepared at Mumbai. If signal to farward can upset the calculation.
KAPATHOS : Vastly improved since to my debut 4th over 1000 metres at Mumbai. Plenty in saddle,waiting for a signal.
RECARDO : Found good while placing late 2nd over 1200 metres to the winner
HIGHLAND BOUNTY. If signal whoever beats me is winner.
SHARE MY DREAMS : Noteworthy placing good 4th over 1400 metres. If decide capable one well walkaway from the fields.
6th Race
ARTISTIC LIASON : Won like a champion while defeating a favourite Mistiraite Height over 1200 metres in lower class 20-40 group is being and may repeat the show.
HIGHLAND BOUNTY : Came out from a good way over 1200 metres since good in shape, can repeat the show.
IL DIVO : Failed favourite and a winner off three starts. Not to be ignored.
SECRET ADMIRER : Failed favourite while placing off the frame is to be ignored. More in saddle, i am capable one for a better chance.
ARTISTICAL : A Maiden clear an effortless winner has failed to repeat as a favourite in open class 20-46 group wherein beaten by better class outsider WILD TORRONADO. Capable one for another chance.
BEE QUICK : An impressive debutant has failed in subsequent gallop wherein placed poor six after being bood vessel broken over 1200 metre at Mumbai. Recovered lot, can upset the issue.
ONUS PROBANDI : Won like a champion at 60½Kg over in 0-26 to over 1200 metres. Plenty in saddle, better class performer, may repeat.
HEAVY MONEY : Failed favourite in debut wherein placed off the frame at Mumbai. Working well.
7th Race
MING : In better company finished good 3rd in 80-up group over in mile. Addition of 9½Kg handicap will not prove a stopper of my positive show.
SEA STORM : Failed favourite while beaten over 1400 metres at Mumbai. Good in shape, contesting for a better result.
WILD TEMPER : Benefited by a run, dark one is getting ready for the fray.
SPIRITUALL : Brilliant hattricker at Mumbai has fail to repeat as favourite wherein late 2nd to the winner OUR EXCELLACE is being a good effect and may make amends.
RUBY ROCKET : Benefited by a couple of run, a consistent perfomer has improved lot and waiting for a signal. Keep an eye.
SILENT PRESENCE : Dark one behind the clouds. Not to be ignored.
TIGRESSE NOIRE : An effortless reharsal 5th over mile wherein failed to make it three in a row is to be ignored. More in saddle, can have a say at the finish.
OYSTER PRINCESS : Noteworthy 3rd whle filling up the frame with the winner OUR EXALLANCE and favourite SPIRITUALL. In pink of condition waiting for a signal.
ARKHOS : Benefited by a couple of run, if signal can running away from the fields.
FAIR TACTICS : The style who won and justifying favouritism in lower group 40-66 over 1200 metres is being evergreen and may pose a danger to the upper class.
8th Race
HEIFITZ : Found hard while placing 2nd to winner RADIATIVE. Capable one for bettter thing.
RAQUEL : Failed favourite twice at Mumbai. Plenty in saddle, if signal whoever beats me is a winner.
FESTIVE LIGHT : Dark one behind the clouds.
STELLAR AFFAIR : Beaten over similar trip since less to carry 3½Kg, i am capable once for an easy amends.
ELEMENTTO ANGEL : Reharsal 4th over similar trip is encouraging for a early win. Keep an eye.
PREMIER PERCEPTION : Noteworthy while placing late 5th to RAIDIATING over similar trip. In pink of condition i am fit for fray.
KISS AWAY : Failed to make it three in a row while placing late 3rd to STAR GIRL over similar trip is to be ignore. If decide, capable one, may keep rivals in distance.
9th Race
TOMMY CARMICHAEL : An effortless 5th in both starts in over similar trip is being an encourgable one and may raise a winning flag.
INDIAN SUMMER : A facile winner over 1400 metres since more carry 6Kg handicap, will not proved stopper of my double chance.
BLUE MOUNTAIN : Good 2nd 1400 metres. An yet to clear Maiden contestant, i am well in shape can face any better chanllenge of open class.
EQUALITY : An unwanted 3rd over 1400 metres. Maiden contestant, plenty in saddle, facing a better company. Can dominate


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