Friday, August 29, 2008


2nd Race
MOUNTAIN KING : If any upset, will be there the finish.
REGINA : A surpraiser while defeating CHOTASNI over mile. Retains form.
GOLDEN ORRA : Filling up the frame in both starts in upper group. If signal, can walk away from the fields.
NARA : Benefited by the runs, has improved my potentiality much further and waiting for a signal.
BINEE : Couple of reharsal run here are impressive. If signal, can have say at the finish.
3rd Race
BLAU HIMMEL : Working brilliantly well . Can dominate.
EL BUNDUQ : Filling up the frame in all starts. Final effortless 4th here suggest for an early win.
FIGHTING FANTASY : Failed favourite while beaten by winner over 1000 metres is to be ignored. Can dominate.
YANKEE LANE : Beaten by an outsider over 1200 metres in open class 20-46 group. Has got bright chance well to raise maiden winning flag.
ALASKA : Benefited by a free runs gallop at Mumbai as improved considereably and waiting for a chance.
4th Race
DANCING DYNAMITE : The brilliant hattricker, well in form heading for an yet another mile stone.
ANTONIOS : An impressive debutant at Mumbai has failed to reproduce here as a favourite wherein placed late 3rd to winner AURORA AUREALIS. In good form.
GENTLE KNIGHT : Failed favourite while placing 4th over mile. A bred to stay contestant not to be ignored over the trip which i am going tasted.
GO GUZZI GO : A facile winner oer 1800 metres is being a good proof of my staying potentiality well in favour and may repeat the show.
TSESEBE : Maiden clear contestant over mile in 0-26 group. Retains form.
BOURBON QUEEN : Beaten by GO GOZZI GO over 1800 metres. A bread to stay contestant, capable one for an yet another chance.
5th Race
AVEC PLAISIR : A facile winner over similar trip, has fail to defy a penality of 10Kg handicap while placing over similar trip is to be ignored. Keep an eye.
CAIRNDHU : Justifying favouritism both starts as a like over similar tirp is being evergreen and well poised hattrick
LAGO MEDIO : An unwanted 4th to the winner CAIRNDHU since less to carry 8Kg, i am looking a better one to this company well in may upset the issue.
OYSTER COVE : Has improved lot since my couple of runs here.
AURELIAN : Come down from Bangalore if given a chance to go farward live danger one is not to be ignored.
ENGLEHART : An unwanted good 3rd to favaourite CAIRNDHU, proof of current form good enough for me to face any better challange of this company.
ESCRAVOS : Benefited by a couple of run, has improved lot, waiting for a change.
DANCING DIVA : If any upset will be there at the finish.
PAMPERED PRINCESS : Beaten 3rd at 59 Kg handicap over 1000 metres since less to carry 9Kg, i am looking healthy well and may raise a winning flag.
ENAKSI : Well in at weight, i am looking alive danger to this company.
6th Race
ISHTAR : An effortless 5th in upper group 40-66 since facing in lower class moderate company.
SHARP MEMORY : If allow to go farward different customer to the rest.
STAR IMPACT : Good late 2nd in debut over 1200 metres at Mumbai. An improved form, facing an upper class challenge. Can dominate.
ABSOLUT : Benefited by a couple of run, has improved one behind the clouds. Keep an eye.
FIDEL DEFENSOR : Found easy while placing late 2nd to the favourite winner GLOBAL SPIRIT 1200 metres since less to carry 5Kg handicap, i am better class well to shake confident of upper class proceedings.
BORN SPECIAL : Debut 5th at Mumbai since well rested, waiting for a signal.
7th Race
EVERYBODY COUNTS : Benefited by a run at Mumbai, has improved by potenciality much improved enough to raise a winning flag.
MAZAN : Filling up the frame in all five starts while failed favourite at Mumbai. Should be a considerable contestant to follow.
UPROAR : Benefited by couple of run, improved one behind the clouds.
NASEEBDAR : Found good while placing an effortless 5th over 1000 metre. If allow me to run ture to form, should have a say at the finish.
POMME DE TERRE : Beaten by a better class winner HYNNS TO FREEDOM since an yet to clear madien contestant is facing an open class challenge.
SWEPT AWAY : Filling up the frame in both to starts in Madien group. Plenty in SADDLE TO TACKLE THIS OPEN CLASS CHALLENGE.



Good best 4-1 5-2 6-9
5-14 7-5


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