Wednesday, August 27, 2008



4th Race :8-4-1-2
WAY TO WEALTH : A consistent perfomer, who is well in shape, may fight for honours.
SATIN SLIPPER : Benefited by a run here, has improved lot and may tackle this company.
SUPER WOMAN : Nosed on impressive performer, has improved much can defy the penality.
ASSOCIATOR : Benefited by Ooty runs, an improved one is waiting for green signal.
5th Race: 2-3-4-5
ANGEL OF FAITH : If signal to run true to form, can have a say at the finish.
AMAZING QUEST : Systematically prepared one from Ooty. If signal an a different ball to the court.
PAL JOEY : Failed favourite while placing off the frame. Good in shape, contesting for a better result.
STORNOWAY : An easy 5th over 1400 metres while placing on to Spenderville. An improved one, waiting for a chance. Keep an eye.
HAWAIIAN SUNRISE : Judiciously prepared and kept in dark.
GOLDEN FLOWERS : Filled up the frame an all starts since failed favourite once of four starts. Can upset.
ROYAL MIRCHI : Beaten in 20-45 group over 1100 metres. Less to carry 4½ Kg, capable one, can make amends.
6th Race :7-6-2-8
ASSAYE : Down a class since to my final 5th over similar trip Needs more attention.
LAVA : A cut above class contestant, racing in lower group.
ENCHANTING GIRL : Won as like in final two starts, good in condition is evergreen well in mind. Addition of 11Kg handicap, heading towards for an hattrick.
PRECEDE : A contestant perfomer, in an arousing form come down from Ooty. If decide, whoever catch me is a winner.
MASQUENADA : Failed to make it three in a row while placing an unextended run to an outsider Soberno. If allow me true to form, can walkway from the fields.
7th Race : 6-3-2-10
ASIATICUS : Filled up the frame in all starts at Bangalore Summer. Plenty in saddle, if given a chance to go farward, whoever beats one is a winner.
REBELLIOUS :Ignore failure. Raced in better company is in a facing a maderate fields
BADGE OF HONOR : Dark one, behind the clouds.
ORLANDO BLOOM : If money flows in my direction, ooty Migrant has got an outstanding chance and may walk way from the fields.
TINA'S TRIUMPH : On board in all starts at Bangalore (Summer). If any upset will be there at the finish.
8th Race : 7-2-5-1
SAN SIRO : Failed favourite twice of four starts. In pick of condition, can have a say at the finish.
EVER SO CLEVER : Failed favourite once of four starts. Good in condition, can dominate.
TIME IS PRECIOUS :Plenty in saddle, heading towards a positive hattrick.
GOLD GRID : A favourite, has been beaten over in mile by a better one surpraiser Mazappa. Less to travel 200, bright chance well, may make amends,
VALID EXPECTATION : Failed favourite while placing 2nd to Fanaa is to be ignored. Capable one for an yet another chance.
Best 6-7
Good best 2-9 4-8 7-6
Outsider 3-7 7-5


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