Thursday, August 28, 2008



5th Race
GUIDED MISSILE : Benefited by a couple of run in upper class Bangalore summer, has improved lot and looking good and healthy enough to prove a better class contestant to this company.
PERPETUITY : Failed favourite while placing off the frame in my final attempt at Mumbai. A cut a above class contestant facing lower moderate group.
LOCAL WARRIOR : Good 5th while placing over 1800 metres at Bangalore Summer. Can upset.
AGASSIZ : Won as a like over 2000 metres in 40-65 group at Bangalore summer. If given evergreen can tackle upper group.
RED MUSTANG : Previous 2nd at 50Kg over mile to winner NEW FOUND LAND being a proof of current form suggest for an early win which is long long over due.
6th Race
SPLENDID SURPRISE : Raced in better company at Bangalore Summer good enough for me to keep rivals in distance.

GUEST CONNECTIONS : Well rested classis potencial contestant facing a moderate company. Keep an eye.
LIONHEART : Thrice surparser of four starts at Summer. Not to be ignored.
ROYAL AMBASSADOR : Good 2nd to WESTERN COMMAND at Bangalore Summer. Good in shape i am better one well to face any better challange of this company.
DIAMOND HUNTER : An unbeaten contestant, has improved lot and well poised for an hattrick.
STORM REGENT : Systematically prepared at Ooty. If given a chance, a live danger to this company. Not to be ignored.
MOTHER'S PRIDE : Failed narrowly in four way battle over in mile since improved much and may raise a winning flag.
DANCING HIGHNESS : Less to carry 5½Kg since to my final 5th over 1400 metres to the winner LION HEART is to be ignored. Plenty in saddle, if allow me to run true to form, am better one well walkaway from the fieldz.
7th Race
CHILLY WIND : Ignore failure at Bangalore Summer, If allow me to go farward will be a different one to the rest.
ALLONIA : Benefited by a run on the same handicap 61Kg, has improved a lot well enough to face any better challange of this company.
ALCHESAYE : Knocking at the door in all three starts at Bangalore. In pink of condition, contesting for a better result.
MY FRIEND PAUL : Found good while filling up the frame in both starts at Bangalore Summer. My turn is well around the corner. Keep an eye.
MILL FONTAINE : Won like a champion while raising a winning flag 20-45 group is being evergreen and may repeat the show.
8th Race
MUCH MORE : On board in all starts. Final run 5th over 1400 metres in 40-65 group is being an encourgable one. Down a class, not to be ignored.
JERSEY POWER : Good while placing late 3rd over mile in Bangalore Summer. If allow to reproduce, whoever beats me is a winner.
PROOF OF TREASURE : Failed favourite and winner of three starts at Bangalore Summer. If decide may have a say at the finish.
COMMAND ": A cut above class contestant well behind the clouds for a long time
9th Race
PRESENT GLORY A cut above class contestant from Ooty.
BABBU THE SLY : Lower class winner who is retaining on same handicap since well in condition can tackle upper class.
LOREMO : Found effortless while placing 5th to CRUSE CONTROL. An early winning long over due.
CLASIC ARMOUR : Filling up the frame in all starts. Final effortless 5th here over 1200 metres suggest for an early win. Keep an eye.



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