Friday, September 05, 2008



3rd Race
HUGO BOSS : Beaten over 1200 metres by CZAR ALEXANDER. In absent of looking different.
NITROUS : Beaten over similar trip by the favourite YANA. Capable one for an yet another chance.
SILVER TERN : If any upset, can make my suitable and well tasted trip to my favour.
AQUADISIAC : Justifying favouritism in lower group 1800 metres . Retains form.
WORLD WAR THREE : Good 2nd at 59 Kg handicap in 60-86 group since less to carry 9½Kg, handicap looking alive danger to the upper class over in my well tasted distance. Keep an eye.
BLAZING SPEED : Dark one, if extend will be there at the finish.
WAR OF ATTRITION : Good in shape, behind the clouds for a long time.
CAMEO : A facile winner in terms group since well in condition may tackle an open class challenge.
WILD TORRONAADO : In pink of condition well poised for an hattrick.
LECHWE : A stylish winner while came out from Madien group in an arousing form, facing an open class challenge. Can repeat.
5th Race
AMERICAN IDOL : Knocking at the door both starts, more in saddle waiting for a chance.
ARES : Found an impressive debutant while placing late 5th over 1000 metres. If extent, capable one may walk away from the fields.
WARCRAFT : An impressive debutant while placing late 4th over 1000 metres at Mumbai since improved much well and may raise a winning Maiden flag.
BLACK SAPPHIRE : Filling up the frame in both starts. In pink of condition, waiting for a signal.
PHOSPHOR : Found noteworthy while placing late debut 3rd over 1000 metres ILDIVO, proof of current improved form suggest for an a early win which is well in due around the corner.
STAR LUXURIOUS : Bangalore migrant, has improved much further since to reharsal 3rd over 1400 metres proof to the winner SALATRO. If money flows on me, a different one to this compnay well may away from the fields.
VICTORY STAR : Knocking at the door in both starts. If decide alive danger to the rest.
6th Race
EXCELLENT GIFT : A Maiden rank contestant in open class.
RISING PRINCESS : Found good while placing 2nd in 20-46 group since to carry 8Kg handicap more which will not prove a stopper of my dominate proceedings in 0-26 group. Keep an eye.
BU ATTIFEL : Good 2nd to the favourite over 1000 metres. If decide to go farward, better one well keep rivals in distance.
FIRE QUEEN : Plenty in saddle, knocking at the doors. If put steps farward true to form, whoever beats me is a winner.
ABOVE ALL " Benefited by a couple of run, improved one, behind the clouds.
7th Race
JEWEL STAR : A demotee, in an arouncing form. Keep an eye.
PARIS HILTON : Working brilliantly. My turn is well around the corner.
RETURN OF THE KING : If any upset i am capable one well make the trip to my favour.
RAVE ON : A cut above class contestant, behind the clouds.
NEEDFORSPEED : Filling up the frame in both starts. More in saddle, contesting for a better result.
STEFANO : Justifying favourtism in a similar trip 0-19 since less to carry 4½ Kg, i am better class well may repeat.
SURMOUNT : Failed favourite in both starts to Mysore Summer. Plenty in saddle, capable one for a better thing.
SOLSKJAER : Failed favourite in lower group 0-26 while placing 4th over 1400 metres since less to carry 8Kg handicap, i am looking a healthy one well and may tackle this upper class challenge.
TE QUIERO : As a favourite placing 4th over similar trip. An advantage of 7½Kg handicap, i am looking alive danger to the upper class proceedings.
Best 4-10
Good best 1-1 2-1 7-5
Outsider 5-2 7-11


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