Thursday, September 04, 2008



4th Race
ZINDABAD : A farward runner while beaten over 1400 metres. Considered me one more for a better chance.
ESTRELLA : Benefited by a couple of runs, kept in dark for a long time.
READ MY MIND : Failed favourite twice of three starts at Bangalore Summer. Better one, ready for the fray.
STAR SUMMIT : A contestant from Ooty, if signal can have a say at the finish.
PAT ON THE BACK : Filling up the frame over 1400 metres. If decide, alive danger to the best.
CASINO ROYAL : Failing narrowly in a blanket finish over in mile. Less to travel 200, bright chance for an easy ammends.
5th Race
NOBLE GUEST : Won as a like over 1400 metres since good in shape, heading for a double.
CLUELESS PUZZLE : Surpraiser over 1200 metres in lower class well in shape facing gave upper class challenge.
SATIN SLIPPER : Benefited by a couple of run, an improved one is behind the clouds.
REGAL MUSIC : An unwanted 4th while placing 1200 metres to the winner LIVING LUXURY. My turn is well around the corner.
SNOB VALUE : Lower class winner has failed narrowly in a five way finishing promoter 60-85 group over 1200 metres at Bangalore is being a good proof of my current form and may tackle this company.
FALLING IN LOVE : Nothing to say about my current performance since come down Ooty in an arouncing. Keep an eye.
THUNDER ON : Final easy 4th good enough upset the issue.
6th Race
STAMPEDE : If any upset, down the class will be there at the finish.
ANGEL OF FAITH : Nosed out winner over 1200 metres. Good in shape, can defeat.
CIMARRON : Ignore the failure at Bangalore Summer. If allow to go farward, can prove my potentiality as a best one consistent for this lot.
MILFORD : Good in shape, contesting for a better result whoever beats me is a winner.
BADDA RUPAIYYA :Twice winner of four starts at Bangalore Summer. Retains form.
SUPER SONIC : Failed favourite while placing poor 2nd over 1200 metre SCERET SONG is to be ignored. Good in shape, may make the trip well to my favour.
7th Race
ALWAYS FOR YOU : A thriller in a three way finish where in the style who justifying favouritism over metres is being good defy the penalty.
CUTE STYLE : A consistent perfomer at Bangalore Summer, if given a chance capable one to make trip well to my favour.
ROYAL MIRCHI : If any upset, i will be there at the finish.
SAMRAT ASHOK : Dark one, behind the clouds.
RAIN GOD : An effortless reharsal 5th over similar trip says, waiting for a chance.
CLOUSEAU : An unlucky while failing in a three way finish over 1200 metres i am fit enough, and may revenge in a winner ALWAYS FOR YOU.
RUNNING MAN : Found good while placing late 3rd to TERMINATOR. Plenty in saddle, can fight for honours.
MISS PUKKA : A Maiden contanstent, has improved a lot. Keep an eye.
DARING INSTINCT : An easy debutant while placing 5th over 1100 metres at Bangalore Summer. Can shine.
8th Race
POKEMON MASTER : Till to clear the Maiden rank contestant, has had a run in open class wherein placed late 5th at Bangalore Summer. Fit for the frame.
EDMONDO : Benefited by a couple of run in Maiden group at Bangalore Summer, an improved younster is waiting for a signal.
COMPETENT SOLDIER : An unwanted 2nd while placing over 1100 metres in Maiden group may run away from open class challenge fields.
SPRAWLING ELEGANCE " Has improved a lot since my free run gallop at Bangalore Summer. In pink of condition, facing an open class challenge.
ROYAL ZEN : Found good while placing late 3rd suggest for an early win which is for long over due.
REDSHIFT ; An outsider, behind the clouds.

Best 2-7
Good best 1-7 5-10 6-4
Outsider 6-1 8-6


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