Saturday, September 27, 2008



3rd Race
CLASSIC SPIRIT : Beaten in a blacket finish by an outsider over 1200 metres since less to carry 3½Kg, has a better chance and may upset the upper class calculation.
TULLAMORE : Working brilliantly, waiting for a chance.
ANY TIME MONEY : If any upset will be there at the finish.
CHARLIE PARKER : Good 4th over in mile. Though aged, can upset the issue.
ADALLIA : Failed favourite while placing late 5th since less to carry 8Kg handicap, will not prove stopper of positive proceedings. Keep an eye.
4th Race
SPARTA : Failed favourite while beaten 1200 metres by the winner GOLDEN SPURS. Can fight for honours.
RISING PRINCESS : Surpraiser while raising a winning flag over in similar trip in 0-26 group. Less to carry 2kg, capable one for an a repeat show.
NEEDFORSPEED : As a favourite, found good while placing late 2nd over 1000 metres. In pink of condition, can make amends.
THUNDERING TAN : Filling up the frame in all three starts in which once failed favourite in my second attempt used to be ignored.
5th Race
MOUNTAIN KING : Dark one, waiting for a signal.
DANCE AWAY : An yet is clear Maiden contestant in open class group. Can fight for honours.
SHANGHAI GAL : Has had a couple of run since racing in an open class.
ROSE BOURBON : Good 3rd over in 1200 metres. My early win is well around the corner.
BINEE : An outsider while raising a winning flag. Retaining form may defy the penalty of 6Kg.
LONE TROJAN : Good 3rd over mile, the proof of current form good in my favour may have a say at the finish.
ORIENTAL JEWEL : An unwanted 4th over 2000 metres since less to carry 200 metres. Well in shape, may walk away from the fields.
YOWZA : If any upset, will be there at the finish.
ELEMENTTO TRANCE : Finishing on 3rd over 1200 metres.. An Maiden contestant, looking alive danger to the best.
6th Race
SEA STORM : A reserve horse, if signal may have a say at the finish.
THE RISING : Benefited by three run gallops, has improved and kept in the dark. Keep an eye..
THREE OF ARTS : Systematically prepared at Mumbai, come down here good thing. Keep an eye.
WILD TEMPER : Working brillantly if allow to reproduce whoever beats me is a winner.
BALANCE DE POWER : Filling up the frame in all starts since failed favourite of my second attempt wherein beaten on the post. over in mile by the winner at Mumbai is to be ignore. In an arousing form, if allow me to go farward can make the trip well to my favour.
ARKHOS : An outsider while failed in a three way finish over 1400 metres, good in shape capable one for a better think.
RUBY ROCKET : Prepared one, if given a chance to go farward may upset the calculation.
PARTY CELEBRATION : Noteworthy 3rd over 1400 metres in 40-66 group since less to carry 9Kg an capable one, may shake confident of the best.
7th Race
AURORA AUREALIS : Won like a champion while placing a winning flag 1400 metres. Good in shape well can dominate.
BEE QUICK : A surpriser while defeating favourite IL DIVO. Fit enough fight for honours.
EXUBERANCE : Nosed out winner while came out from Maiden over the distance 1200 metres is evergreen and may tackle any better challenge of this lot.
HYMNS TO FREEDOM : An lucky survivor over 1000 metres. Retains form.
ACCUMULATE : A classic bread, good in shape contesting for a better result.
8th Race
BORN TO LEAD : Found good while placing late 2nd over 1200 metres to the winner BEAU MONBE since well in condition can hoist a winning flag.
RED DAWN : Knocking at the door in all three starts in which failed favourite while placing late 3rd over 1200 metre is to be ignored. Capable one for a better result.
COSMIC FLOWER : A reserve horse if signal can upset the issue. Benefited by a reharsal spurts i am well behind the clouds and may running away from the fields.
AMBERLEY : Found easy while placing reharsal 4th similar trip is good enough for me can tackel any better challenge of this lot
ELEMENTTO ANGEL : Systematically prepared Similar trip suggest for an early win which is long over due.
9th Race
ES SIDER : Has improved a lot since my couple of three run gallop. My turn is well around this corner.
FLYING SPIRIT : An improved one is behind the clouds. Can upset.
RESILIENCE : Working good, may have a say at the finish.
SOLID ROCK : Prepared one, waiting for a signal.
THE GIANT : Has improved a lot since my free run gallops. Can raise a winning flag.
RAVISHING : Failed favourite while placing poor 5th in open class 20-40 group since an yet to clear Maiden contestant has improved a lot and may raise a winning flag.
STARLITE EXPRESS : Good while placing late 4th in 0-26 group, with an advantage of 6kg, contesting for a better result. Can dominate.
THANDA : Plenty in saddle, waiting for a chance.
Best 9-10
Good best 4-6 5-7 6-5
Outsider 5-9 8-7


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