Friday, September 26, 2008



2nd Race
LANDLORD : Down a class, capable one for a better result.
FOREST MUSIC : An yet to clear Maiden contesting, has improved lot since a couple of run in open class and waiting for a chance.
MUSICAL RHYTHM : A demotee in good shape. Can dominate.
JOLTEON : Failed favourite while beaten by a better one FRANGIGANI. Capable one for an easy amends.
LADY TROOPER : Nosed out winner from late flying challenger JOLTEON since penalised 7kg. Retains form.
SARA JAHAN : A facile winner over 1200 metres. Retainning form.
TRIBAL WARRIOR : Systematically perpared, if extend can have a say at the finish.
3rd Race
LIGHTNING CAVALRY : A facile winner Maiden clear winner over 1800 metres in 20-46 open group since well in condition heading for a double over the distance which i am going to be tasted.
EAGLE MOUNTAIN : Found effortless while placing easy reharsal 5th over the distance which i am going to be run being well and good to campus and may raise a winning flag.
EQUALITY : Knocking at the door in both starts. Not to be ignored over the longer trip.
DIPLOMATIC LICENCE : A born stayer, well in at weight contesting for a better result.
POLAR GLOW : Surrendered a bright chance by a poor assist over 1200 metres 0-26 group since less to carry 6Kg, capable one to pose a danger to the upper class proceedings.
TROMOS : Failed favourite while placing 3rd poor 1200 metres. In an arousing form, contesting for a better result.
GOLDEN KEY : Well in at weight, if any upet i will be there at the finish.
4th Race
PACIFIC ZONE : Won like a champion while raising a winning flag over 1000 metres. Can repeat.
NOTABLE RUNNER : Ignore the failure, if decide, can make the trip well to my favour.
ENZO : An yet to clear the Maiden in an arousing form waiting for a chance.
WIND STORM : If given a chance to go farward, can fight for honours.
SAIL THRU : An debutant, looking to healty in trials runs suggest for a bold show.
JOHN CABOT : Ignore the failure well in shape contestant for a better result.
MERCEDES : Less to carry 8½Kg since to my final easy 3rd over similar trip in 0-20 group good enough well and may shake the confident of the upper class challenge.
5th Race
CHIEFTAIN : Burning in trials run. The debutant, may raise a winning flag.
TATTENHOE : Benefited by a free run gallop, has improved considerable and waiting for a chance.
ATTRACTIVE GIRL : Found good in my debut while placing late 3rd 1000 metres. Can shine.
NOBLE DEEDS : Benefited by a couple of at Mumbai an improved one is behind the clouds.
PALME DOR " A farward runner over similar trip while beaten in a battle finish by the favourite unchallenger ELEMENTO STYLE. Good in shape, can ake amends.
6th Race
PERSONIFIED : Knocking at the door in both starts. If signal i am in the fighting line.
NITROUS : A farward runner while beaten 2000 metres. I am a different one over my well tasted suitable distance. keep an eye.
AQUADISIAC : An unbeaten performer while justifying favourite performer over 2000 metres is being a good proof of my staying potenciality a better one heading for an hattrick.
KINGDOM OF LOVE : Justifying favouritism 2000 metres since less to carry 4Kg, can fight for honours over the distance which i am going to be tasted.
ANGELIQUE : Benefited by a couple of run over longer trip at Hyderabad Monsoon has improved much further, may tackle this lot.
7th Race
NATIVE STRATEGY : Demotee in good shape. Keep an eye.
FANTASTIC FURY : An effortless 5th in upper group wherein the style who finishing easy 5th to the winner and favourite SCERET PILGRIM . Is being good proof of my current form well in favour and may keep my rivals in distance.
DA VINCI : A consistant performer waiting for a chance.
FEET OF FLAMES : An unbeaten performer at Mumbai, has had a couple of run since well in shape ready for the fray.
BONNY LIGHT : A rank outsider, behind the clouds.
PINE CREST : Good 2nd while placing to winner and favourite IKARIA. Can upset.
WILD VEGAS : If allow me to farward, i am different customer to the rest.
FREDERICIA : Plenty in saddle, kept in the cold storage. Keep an eye.
DAFFODILS : Failed favourite once off three starts. Keep an eye.
8th Race
ARTISTICAL : Maiden clear winner, has had a couple of run since failed favourite in open class. Good in shape, consisting for a better result.
BLUE DAFFODILS : Maiden clear winner at Mumbai has had a free run gallop in 40-66 wherein the style who finishing 5th over similar trip good enough and may walk away from the fields.
SWEPT AWAY : Came out from Maiden while racing a winning flag in 20-46 open group is being an encourgable one. Can defy the penalty of 8kg.
XIAMEN : A facile winner similar trip has failing to defy the penlty while beaten in a battle finish by the winner GOLDEN SPURS is to be ignored. Good in shape contestant has got a better chance.
GAME OF POWER : A rank outsider, facing an lower class challenge.
FLUENT VICTORY : An yet to clear the Maiden youngter, In form, contestant for a better result.
QUAND MEME : Systematically prepared, if allow me to go farward whoever beats me is a winner.
9th Race
FIREY FUTURE : A thriller in a three way finish 1400 metres but failing to defy the penalty while placing poor 5th to the favourite BUATTIFEN with good resistant, contesting for a better result.
AMADOMIO : Down a class since to my effortless 5th over 1000 metres if decide whoeve beats me is a winner.
AMARANZA : Free run gallop reharsal in upper group are impressive. Down a class, should be considerable one for a good result.
ZUETINA : Filling up the frame in both starts. Good in shape, contesting for a better thing.
THE RIGHT MAN : An unwanted 4th while placing in upper class over 1000 metres since carry 9½Kg more, will not prove a stopper of my positive proceedings.
NUNCIO : A demotee in an arousing form, if extend, can prove as a better one to this rest.
MUSTANG SALLY : Knocking at the door, though aged, capable one for a better result.
UBER ALLES : Well in at weight, waiting for a chance.
Best 4-4
Good best 2-2 7-4 8-2
Outsider 4-8 9-11


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