Tuesday, October 07, 2008



4th Race
STCKIEWICKETDOTCOM : An yet to extend contestant, behind the clouds.
LIVE IT UP : A surpraiser while raising a winning flag over in mile. May utilise extra trip well to my favour.
SUPER SPEAR : Found effortless while placing late 4th since well in condition waiting for a chance.
ROYAL FILLY : Working well and waiting for a chance.
ROULETTE KING : Failed favourite in my final attempt while placing off the frame is to be ignored. Can dominate.
LATIN TWISTER : Filling up the frame in all starts. If any upset will be there at the finish.
5th Race
MAZEPPA : Down a class, if allow to go farward, whoever beats me is a winner.
BEE FOR YOU : Has been beaten on the post in my final starts, over in mile,less to travel 200 metre, has a bright chance make amends.
JEDI KNIGHT : Ignored the failure, decide whoever beats me is a winner.
RISING FAME ; Found effotless in lower group at 62Kg handicap over 1200 metres while justifying favouritism, retains form may repeat.
SUAVE : Plenty in saddle, knocking at the door, if any upset i will be there at the finish.
CIAMPINO : Good in shape, contesting for a better result.
KALIYUG RAJA : A rank outsider behind the clouds.
6th Race
WOMAN ON TOP : An lucky survivor over 1400 metres since matinning form .Can repeat.
AURELIAN : Migrant from Pune, capable one to face any better challenge of this lot. Keep an eye.
DIAMOND HUNTER : Surpraiser at 62Kg over in similar trip since less to carry 4Kg handicap, has got a better chance may repeat the show.
KINGDOM OF HEAVEN : A facile winner as failing subsequent gallop while placing unextended 4th to winner DIOMOND HUNTER. If signal may revenge.
POLAR WOLF : An unwanted while plaing late 2nd to DIAMOND HUNTER. If allow me to go farward capable one, may tackle any better challenge of this lot.
NECTAR JEWEL : Won like a champion while justifying favouritism in lower class since well in at weight, a cut above the class contestant may tackle this company.
MERCURIAL ; A consistant performer at Bangalore Summer . In an arousing form, facing a better company.
LADY ONE : A reharsal gave up 5th ove 1400 metres to REJUVENIT at Pune is being a good proof of my current form well and suggest for an dominate proceedings. Not to be ignore.
LIVING LUXURY : Won like a champion and well poised hattrick.
RARE AND PRECIOUS : An yet to clear Maiden contestant, has improved lot since my final easy 2nd to the winner own voice, may upset Needs more attention.
RIMPUCHE : Failed favourite wile plaing late 3rd to the LIVING LUXURY . Can upset.
7th Race
GAME FIGHTER : Well rested, a weight carrying machine waiting for a chance. Keep an eye.
LYRA : Demotee in good shape can dominate.
BROWN SUGAR : Knocking at the door in both starts, Can fight for honours.
FANTABULOUS PRINCE: Filling up the frame in all starts. Real thread to the best.
ROYAL STRIDER : An unbeaten performer, well in shape, heading for an hattrick.
CHILLY WIND : A facile lower class winner, retaining on same handicap. Can upset.
SYMBOL OF SPEED : Found good while placing late 2nd over 1200 metres. More in saddle, may tackle this company.
8th Race
SANDOKAN : Has improved a lot since my couple of run waiting for a chance.
STAR MILLIONAIRE : Won as like a champion in lower class over 1400 since less to carry 2Kg handicap has got a better chance for repeat the show even in higher class proceedings.
SNOB VALUE : If allow to go farward alive danger to the rest.
REBELLIOUS : Getting 6Kg better handicap, since to my final 2nd wherein failing to justifying favouritism over 1200 metres in 40-65 group is to be ignored. Can dominate.
RED MUSTANG : If any upset, i am capable one make the trip well to my favour.
9th Race
QUEEN OF DESTINY : A demotee since heavy imposed, will not prove a stopper of my positive procedings.
SERIOUS WARRIOR Found hard while placing 3rd over similar trip. My turn is well around the corner.
ARABIAN MEMORIES : Failed favourite once of four start at Bangalore Summer. Not to be ignored.
COMMAND : Ignore the failure while placing unwanted 2nd similar trip. Can dominate.
STORMY RIVER : Well rested from Bangalore Summer. If allow to go farward an yet to clear Maiden ready for the frame.
BENNYTHEBULL : An effortless 5th while placing to the winner AMATOL. An early win is long long over due.
ROYAL ZEN : Benefited by a run here, an improved one is waiting for a signal.
PAINT ME RED : If extent run true to form, i am a different customer to the rest.
FIRE ALARM ; Dark one behind the clouds.
STAR OF PARADISE : Good 2nd over 1400 metres. I am in the biteing line.
Best 6-5
Good best 3-1 4-6 9-4
Outside 7-8 9-11


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