Friday, August 22, 2008


3rd Race: 6-1-4-5
KATANIA : Beaten over 1200 metres in open class since less to travel 200, may make amends.
MR GREEDY : If found busy in betting ring, can fight for honours.
FOREST NATIVE : Found healthy in trails run. If any upset, will be there at the finish.
PERSONAL POINT : If money flows on me, i am a different customer one well and may raise a winning flag.
KING OF THE RING : Good 3rd on opening day of the season. If allow to reproduce, better one well to keep my arraivals in distance.
THE REBEL : A consistent perfomer at Mumbai. More in saddle, contesting for a better result.
4th Race: 11-1-6-5

KAPATHOS : Debut 4th at Mumbai is being an impressive one since improved vastly, can raise maiden winning flag.
KNIGHTS TEMPLAR : Benefited by a couple of runs waiting for a chance.
SECRET TALK : Final good 4th over 1000 metres is being an a encourgable one my turn is well around the corner.
ACCUMULATE : Working brilliantly well enough to pose a danger.
MIDNIGHT CLUB : Prepared one, behind the clouds.
RAVISHING : Going great guns in morning trials run. Can dominate.
5th Race:2-4-5-3
TAANUSH : An improved one, if extend, will be a different one to the rest.
MILES AND MORE : Reharsal good 4th over in mile. If decide whoever beats me is a winner.
KINGDOM OF LOVE : Reharsal run over mile is being an encourgable one . Can dominate.
AQUADISIAC : Good in shape, filling up the frame in both starts. Final good 2nd suggest for an early win.
FANTASTIC FURY : If any upset, will be there at the finish.
6th Race: 1-2-7-15
PTOLEMY: As a favourite, found good while placing late 3rd over 1200 SPARTA. Distance in travel is looking well in reach and may walk away from the field.
WAHY : A facile winner in my over similar trip at Mumbai. Retains form.
LIGHTNING BOLT : If allow me go farward, can have a say at the finish.
NOTABLE RUNNER : Has been beaten over 1000 metre by an outsider RING BEARER. More in confident, contesting for a better result.
PALERMO : Benefited by a run, dark one has improved a lot and waiting for a chance.
NEEDFORSPEED : Found good while placing late 3rd to the winner BLUE BLAZE. May raise a winning flag.
REFUSE TO BEND : If given a chance alive danger to the best.
POLAR GLOW : Finaal run in which the way who finishing an unwanted 3rd suggestive for a dominate show.
7th Race: 2-4-7-10
ROSE BOURBON : An yet to know potentiality contestant, not to be ignored.
TOUCH OF LAND : Prepared well and kept in cold storage for a long time.
FIRE QUEEN : Found easy while placing late 4th over similar trip since less to carry 2½Kg handicap, has got bright chance well and may raise a winning flag.
MUBARRAS : Filling up the frame in both starts since capable one fight for honours.
NARA : The reharsal spurts are encourageing for early dominate proceedings. Keep an eye.
RAGS TO RICHES : If given a signal, alive danger to the best.
CINDERELLA MAN : More in hand, hidding behing the clouds.
JOHNNY BRAVO : An effortless 5th over 2000 metres is being good proof of my current form well and can upset the calculation.
Best 5-2
Good best 1-2 6-1 7-2
Outsider 6-6 7-8


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