Thursday, August 21, 2008



4th Race :5-1-9-11
FANTABULOUS PRINCE : Failed favourite while placing late 3rd on opening day is to be ignored. In good shape contesting for a better result.
STRONG MINDED : If given a chance to go farward, will be a different one well to the rest and may raise a winning flag which is long over due.
MATTER OF OPINION : Benefited by a couple of runs, more in hand waiting for a chance.
REGAL MUSIC : A consistent performer at Summer. Retains form well.
LIVING LUXURY : if given a signal to go farward, whoever beats me as a winner.
SOUTHERNER : Plenty in saddle, contesting for a better result.
ON A ROLL : If allow me to run true to join, will be there at the finish.
SPECIAL FORCE : If any upset am better one will be there at the finish.
5th Race :2-4-11-9
GREEN PASSION : Won as a like at 62 Kg handicap over 1100 metres in 20-40 group is being an evergreen performance well in mind and may tackle upper class challenge.
SECRET SONG : Plenty in saddle, judiciously prepared one from Ooty. Not to be ignored.
HIGH TOWER : Dark one, behind the clouds. Keep in touch whenever saddle.
SUPER SONIC : Failed favourite in my final attempt where in beaten by a better class challenger SUNNY LAND. I am capable one for an another chance.
GOLDEN KISS : If in galloping more i am quit capable one for an upset.
SMART N SPECIAL : Ignore the failure at Bangalore Summer, If given a chance will be there at the finish.
SOUTH LEO : Knocking at the door in both starts at Summer since less to carry 6Kg i am looking alive danger one to the upper class challenge.
AMATOL : Twice failed favourite in five starts in lower group at Summer since less to carry 7Kg handicap, i am looking a better one and may shake the upper class challenge.
SATIN WOOD : Judiciously prepared, if extend will be a different class to the rest.
FASTER THAN LIGHT : Knocking at the door in both starts. Less to carry 9Kg handicap since to my final 4th in 20-40 group is being good well and may pose a danger to upper class proceeding.
6TH RACE :1.3.2
7th Race :10-7-4-8
SHOW N TELL : A consistent perfomer ,if allow to go farward,will be there at the finish.
AMBIENS : Good in shape,contesting for a better results.
SUNNYLAND : Facile winner over 1200 metres at Bang S.Retains form ,may defy the penalty.
VICTORY QUEEN : A demotee in resolute form.If decide,whoever catch me is a winner.
CANNON RUN : Ignore failures,if extend ,can fight for honours.
OUTOFORDER : Filled up the frame in all starts since well in shape ,may raise a winning flag.
POWERFULDREAMS : Won at 61½ kg handicap over 1200 metres since less to carry 2½ kg ,has got bright for a double.
BLACK CAT : If found busy in betting ring,can keep my rivals in distance.
SPORTING MASTER : If money flows on me ,may walkway from the fields.
8th Race :4-2-1-9
DOM PERIGNON : Failed favourite while placing on late 5th over 1100 metres since well in shape ,racing for a better chance. Can dominate.
RISING FAME : Well rested one in good shape.
BALLERINA GIRL : Benifited by a couple of run, if signal to run true to form,can have a say at the finish.
AZAZEL : More in hand,racing for a better chance.
REGAL IMAGE : Failed favourite while beaten over in mile by an rank outsider BERKLEY SQUARE .Good in shape ,contesting for a better results.
MASURATHI : Benifited by a couple of run,has improved lot and waiting for a chance.
WELLINGTON : If in galloping mood,am better one well ,may raise a winning flag.
EXCLUSIVE RUN : If any upset,will be there at the finish.
9th Race : 3-2-11-10
SWISS CHOCOLATE : Tracking well. May upset the issue.
WAZZUP DUDE : Failed favourite while placing late 2nd in my final atttempt over in similar trip. In good shape, contesting for a better result.
MYSTIC STAR : Benefited by runs at Bangalore Summer, has improved hot and is waiting for a chance.
TURBANATOR : Style who won over 1400 metres since retaining on same handicap, suggest for an easy double.
HALEY'S COMET : Filling up the frame in both starts at Summer. More in hand can fight for honours.
NANO BLUE : Finishing 3rd over 1800 metres since less to travel 200 metres, looking good and sound well may raise a winning flag.
GLINT REVELATION : Filling up the frame in all starts. An early winning a long long over due. Keep an eye.
MONTESORO : If money flows on me. Can have a say at the finish.
BREED APART : Noteworthy while placing late 4th over 1400 metres. Mile trip is well in compus and can tackle this company.

Best 3-7

Good best 6-1 7-10 8-4

Outsider 4-4 9-8


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