Saturday, August 23, 2008



3rd Race: 3-2-4
ELUSIVE TRUST : Benefited by a run has improved lot. My turn is not for away.
STAR CRUSADER : In absence of winner YANA, looking better. can dominate.
STAR OF THE SEASON : Good 2nd to YANA, if allow to reproduce whoever beats me is a winner.
FLASHING FLAME : Filling up the frame in both starts. If allow to go farward better class well raise a winning flag.
4th Race: 7-1-2-3
GOBELIN : Raced in better company at Mumbai. If allow to true to form, i am looking good and healthy over may well tasted distance and can walk away from the field.
PERSONIFIED : Brilliant hattricker at Mumbai has had a free run gallop 5th since improved much and waiting for a chance.
NITROUS : A record time winner over mile while defeating the favourite CZAR ALLEXANDER is being a good proof of my potentiality much well and can utilise the longer trip to my favour.
AQUILO : Late 3rd over 1400 metres. Can upset the issue.
YANA : Won like a champion while justifying favouritism over 1800 metres. An ideal handicap, i am well poise for a positive hattrick.
5th Race: 4-1-11-8
PARTY CELEBRATION :Failed favourite in upper group wherein place late 3rd over mile is to be ignored. In pink of condition, if given a chance, can walk away from the field.
RAGHUVANSH : Justifying favouritism as a like in 3 years group. More in saddle, facing tough set.
WAR OF ATTRITION :Failed favourite in my final attempt at Mumbai wherein placed late 5th over 1200 metres is to be ignored. Waiting for a chance.
FANTASY LAKE : Faile to make it three in a run while withdrawn before the start ing order at Mumbai. Good in shape, contesting for a better result.
BONNY LIGHT : Judiciously prepared at Mumbai given a chance, alive danger to this company.
ABSOLUTE REALITY : Benefited by a run here in open class, has improved much and may raise a winning flag.
IKARIA : Beaten in lower group by the winner NORA since less to carry 6Kg, i am capable one to face any better challenge of this lot.
6th Race:5-9-3-1
SCHNELL : Twice winner and twoice filed favourite of four starts at Mumbai. In fine nick.
FIREFOOT : Failed to make it theree in a row while beaten in promoted run over similar trip by winner Appreciate. Good in shape, contesting for a better results.
STRATHENDRICK : Working brilliantly since well rested one, is waiting for a green signal. Keep in touch whenever saddle.
GENERALISSIMO : If allow to improve true to form, alive danger to the rest.
7th Race: 1-2-4-7
CYCLADES : Maiden clear performer at Mumbai since had free run gallop in open 20-46 group where in the style who finishing good 3rd over 1200 metres is being an impressive one well may keep rivals in distance.
GLOBAL SPIRIT : Jusitifying faovuritism as like in open class where in the style who raising maiden flag over 1200 is well and good in sweet memory and may repeat.
SIR TAJ : If any upset, will be there at the finish.
WINNING TREAT : Working brillantly, my turn is well around the corner.
PALME DOR : Good in shape, waiting for a chance.
HIGHLAND FLAME : Reharsal runs are impressive. My turn is not forward.
HOLD THE THOUGHT : Prepared one, behind the cloud.
Best 7-1
Good best 2-4 3-3 4-7
Outsider 5-6 6-7


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