Thursday, August 14, 2008



4th Race 5-6-8-4
ITSRACINGAFTERALL : Found hard while finishing 3rd over 1200 to favourite came. Till to clear Maiden, waiting for a chance.
SPITZ : Judiciously prepared and kept in cold storage. An early win is well around the corner.
BELLIGERENT : Good while placing late 3rd to fav and winner ROSE BOWL. If good shape, contesting for better show.
GALACTICA : Has improved much since debut 4th over 1000 metres. If money flows on me, will be a different customer to the rest.
VICTORY STAR : Rehearsal debut 3rd over 1000 metre is being good one suggest for a dominate show.
5th Race 1-2-3-5
CALLING THE SHOTS : Twice Second and a winner off three starts at Mumbai. Plenty in saddle, can have a say at the finish.
CHEVRON : Failed favourite while beaten over mile by an outsider DOMINATRIX. Good in shape contesting the issue.
VALE OF LEVEN : A facile winner in lower group, has failed to repeat while finishing poor 6th as favourite in promote 20-46 group run at Mumbai. May make trip well to my favour.
LIQUIDATOR : Found sound while placing an unextend 2nd over 1400 metres to SOLID BLACK. Plenty in saddle, can utilise the trip well in which going to taste in carrier run.

GOLDEN ORRA : Failed favroute while beaten over 1800 metres by the winner LIGHTING CAVALRY since less to carry 3Kg handicap looking a better one over well tasted distance and may make amends.
6th Race 1-2-4-5
ANGELS GLORY : A brilliant hattricker while justifying favouritism in a styl over similar trip is being evergreen well sweet in mind and heading farwards for an yet another mile stone. Can dominate.
HIGHLAND CONQUEST : Came out Maiden where in the manner who justified favouritism over similar is encouraging an easy double.
CRESCENDO : Justified favouritism over 1000 metres in 00-25 group. The Maiden dear contestant has much improved and may upset the issue.
MONOPOLY : Came out from Maiden rank wherein the style who won and justifying favoruitism quit well in mind and may face any better challenge of this lot.
INSITE SOUL : Till to clear Maiden, has improved much since to my final easy 4th till over 1200 to ARTISTICAL. if any upset well behind the clouds.
SWEPT AWAY : Benefited by a couple of run in Maiden group the improved one is waiting for a green signal.
7th Race 3-4-2-8
WAHY : A failed favourite and facile winner off three starts at Mumbai since improved my potentiality much further and may defy the penality of 6½ Kg.
VERY BONAFIDE : As a favourite, has failed to impress in a three way blanket finish over 1200 metres at Mumbai. Good in shape, contesting the issue for a better results.
BABEINTHEWOODS : Till to clear Maiden contestant, twice failed favourite off three starts. Final impressive gallop in (Maiden) open class group after the race well over with the winner is being a better proof of current improved form suggest for dominate show.

OH SO ROMANTIC : An impressive debutant while placing late 2nd over 1000 metres at Mumbai since improved his potentiality much further. A better chance hope, facing an open class challenge.
TULLAMORE : A consistant performer at Mumbai where in twice winner and twice failed favourite of seven starts since has had a free run gallop here, am waiting for a chance.
TOOFAN MAIL : Failed favourite and winner in lower group. If five starts at Mumbai. Benefited by a couple of run, has improved quit well and may upset the issue.
INDIAN SUMMER : Filling up the frame in all starts at Mumbai. Dark one, behind the clouds.
8th Race 4-3-6-8
PARIS HILTON : Hard at work while placing in 1400 metres. Capable one for an yet another chance.
MISTER FIXIT :Failed favourite in my final two starts at Mumbai. Distance to travel is well in my compus to prove my potentiality as a better class contestant to the rest.
VIJAYI BHAVA ; Farward runer while beaten nearing 200 metres over 1200 metres to an outsider Top Action. Less to travel 200, chance are bright well and may make amends.
ADAM'S PLEASURE : Faield as an hot money favourite in promoted run at Mumbai, has had free run gallop. If signal, can walkaway from the fields.
SEA GULL : Knocking at the door in all starts at Mumbai. If decide to put steps farward, whoever catch me is a winner. Keep an eye.
ARABIAN SPEED : A thriller while justifying favorutism over similar trip since less to carry 4Kg handicap and facing an upper class challenge. Can upset.
XIAMEN : Failed favourite in my final starts at Mumbai. If signal, capable one for a different show.
GYPSY QUEEN : A winner and a failed favourite out off six starts at Mumbai. A live danger if allow to put steps farward.

Best 2-3

Good best 5-1 6-1 8-4

Outsider 5-10 8-9


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