Saturday, August 16, 2008



4th Race
GENGIS KHAN : Improved a lot since my easy 5th over 1200 metres. Extra 200 metres, looking ideal to my reach and may raise a winning flag.
SOLSKJAER : Good 4th GLOBAL SPIRIT . If given a change to go farward capable to fight for honour.
ZUETINA : Good 2nd over 1400 metres, waiting for a chance.
ALEXA : An yet to be extend. Keep an eye.
MUSTANG SALLY : Benefited by a couple of run, prepared one is waiting for a signal.
5th Race
BLUE MOUNTAIN : An get to clear Maiden contestant in great heart. If signal, whoever beats me is a winner.
CALYPSO DANCER : An impressive unwanted 4th in debut here opening day is being good, can away from the fields.
SALTORO : Prepared well an kept in dark for a long time.
THE GIANT : Debut 5th at Mumbai is being an encourgable one since improved my potentiality much enough further well to face any better challenge of this lot.
BLACK SAPPHIRE : Good 3rd while filling up the frame over 1200 metres. Plenty in saddle, waiting for a chance.
STAR LUXURIOUS : Benefited by a couple of run at Bangalore Summer, a classic potentiality contestant is waiting for a green signal.
6th Race
ENAKSI : Raced in better company. Weight carrying mechine not to be ignored.
AVEC PLAISIR : Won like a champion while justifying favourtism over in similar trip. Since addition of 10½Kg, racing in better company.
LAGO MEDIO : Benefited by a couple of runs, the dark one is waiting for a signal.
ENGLEHART : Working full of satisfaction, if allow to reproduce, can dominate.
PEPE JUNIOR : Failed favourite while beaten in a three way finish over in similar trip by an outsider LOGO MEDIO. In good shape,contesting for a better result.
CAIRNDHU : Justifying favouritism over in similar trip in 60-80 in group. Less to carry 2½Kg handicap, retains form well and may pose a danger to a upper class.
RED INDIAN : An unbeaten performer in my final couple of run at mumbai since in pink of condition, facing an upper class challenge. Hattrick is bright.
7th Race
BALTHAZAAR : A reharsal 5th over in mile in 80-up group. Down a class, if extend, may raise a winning flag.
STAR O'WAR : A demotee in resolution form. My turn is well around the corner.
WORLD WAR THREE : Noteworthy while placing late 4th in similar trip in 80-up group. An addition of 10Kg handicap will not prove a stopper of the positive proceedings.
ROCOCO : A costly bread, expected much more from saddle but failling to impress as per expectation. Keep an eye.
CALL TO ARMS : A constant performer has improved much since to my reharsal run and waiting for a chance.
RUBY ROCKET : Twice failed favourite and winner of four starts at Mumbai. Reharsal run here is encouraging for an early win.
DESERT DUST : Found noteworthy while placing late fourth 1400 metres to the winner Our Excellent. Can upset the issue.
HERE COMES THE DON : The style who won in lower group 40-66 is being evergreen. May shake the confident of upper class.
8th Race
AMBEROGIO : Filled up the frame in all four starts at Mumbai is to be ignored.
EXPENSIVE AFFAIR : Second in both starts here which proved unsuitable to my reach. Looking a better one, may utilise the tirp well to my favour.
THUNDERING TAN : Battled out till beaten over similar trip by a better proved winner SPARTA. Capable one for an yet another chance.
SARJERAO : Till to clear Maiden, final effortless 5th over 1200 metres is being good proof of a current form and may shake the confident open class challenge.
DIPLOMATIC LICENCE : Good 4th over 1800 metres. Less to travel 600 metres, looking a different customer to this company.
LIBERTY SPEAKS : A Maiden rank contestant, come down from Banglore. If money flows on me, may keep arrival in distance.


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