Friday, August 08, 2008



1ST RACE:2-1-6-8

2nd Race:1-2-7-8
HI DOLLY : Noteworthy while placing late 2nd in open class on opening day of the season. Till to clear the Maiden contestant more in saddle, waiting for a chance.
ALECTRONA : An effortless 5th on openning day of the season. If permits me to go farward, a different one to the rest.
JOHNNY BRAVO : Judiciously prepared at Mumbai. Can dominate.
3rd Race:2-10-3-1
AMERICAN IDOL : Found noteworthy while placing late 4th over 1000 openning day of the season suggest for an early win. Should be a considerable one for a better chance.
BLADE RUNNER : On board to both starts at Mumbai. An improved one, if signal to running to form can walk away from the fields.
SECRET TALK : Burning in trials run. If decides, whoever beats me is a winner.
HIGHLAND FLAME : Benefited by a couple of run at Mumabi, an improved one, waiting for a chance.
LECHWE : Shaping like a champion in trial run. If money flows on me, different customer to this company well and may walk away from the field.
MIDNIGHT CLUB : An effortless 5th in my debut at Mumbai. More in saddle, can tackle any better chanllenge of this lot.
PALME DOR : An effortless 4th in debut in an early of Mumbai season since well rested and contesting for a better result.
RULE OF LAW : Ignore the failure at Mumbai. A dark one, behind the clouds.
4th Race: 2-1-4-5
PAMPERED PRINCESS : Raced in better company at Mumbai. If signal, can proved as a better class like to the rest. Not to be ignored.
OYSTER PEARL : Won like a champion while defeating favourite ENCELADUS over similar trip at Mumbai. Retains form.
ENCELADUS : A winner and twice failed favourite off six starts at Mumbai. Plenty in saddle can make amends.
COVENANT : Surpraiser while snatching a verdict three way finish from favourite STAR ALWAYS since less to carry 4kg capable one may repeat the show.
SCHUBERT : Filled up the frame in all starts since twice failed favourite at Mumbai. A constent performer, needs more attention.
APPRECIATE : Winner while placing a winning flag from the challenger OYSTER GEM at Mumbai. Retaining on the same handicap well my favour and may pose a danger to the upper class
5th Race: 6-2-3-5
MILES AND MORE : Nosed out winner over 2000 metres in my final attempt at Mumbai is being an ecnourgable one suggest for an repeat show.
KINGDOM OF LOVE : Ignore the failures if decide, to put steps forward who ever beats me a winner.
TIGRESSE NOIRE : A unbeaten performer in final two starts at Mumbai is being ever green and well poised for an hattrick.
AQUADISIAC : A reharsal 5th on the opening day, the proof of a current form well and suggest for an early win.
DANCING DYNAMITE : An unbeaten in both starts, well poised for hattrick in open class proceddings. Can achieve a better result.
6th Race: 2-4-6-9
GOLDEN SYMBOL : Noteworthy while placing unwanted 3rd in Maiden group over 1000 metres on openning day of the season. If given a green signal, who ever beats me is a winner.
IL DIVO : Failed favourite while beaten in blanket finish over 1200 metres. Capable one for an another chance.
RIYASAT : Judiciously preapred one at Mumbai, if extend will be there at finish.
YOWZA : Prepared well, Kept in dark from the long time.
7th Race: 3-2-11-12
CYCLADES : The style to won an justifying favouritism is Maiden group at Mumbai and may tackle the open class.
EXCELLENT STORY : An yet to clear the Maiden contestant, has improved a lot since mumbai reharsal runs. Needs more attention.
HANDSOME RETURNS : On board in both starts at Mumbai. Till to clear the maiden, racing in open class. Not to be ignore.
ARKS ANGEL : Benefited by a run here in open class, has improved quit well and can upet the calculation.
SPLENDID MONARCHY : Good in shape, contesting for a better result in open class.
INCREDIBLE BEAUTY : An efforltess 5th on openning day since improved much and capable one to face any open class challenge.
CHAK DE : An rank outsider, behind the clouds.

Best 2-1
Good best 3-2 5-6 6-2
Outsider 3-12 7-6


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