Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bookies day out By Buzzstrom

Pune remains a happy hunting ground for bookmakers in recent years, the results sometimes are so surprising that at least a couple of punters are numbed and shocked enough into quitting racing forever. As for me I had only one good thing in the day...that too a place of Angelo, who managed to finish third easily.

In the first race, usual bookie delight Graces once again funded them in a big way, as always Graces was installed favorite for god knows what reason and it was speedy Ran Banka who made every post a winning one, and delivering good for a number of supporters who wagered on the horse giving owner Jagjit Singh something to sing about finally.

In the second race, it was a ding dong battle between Dutch Art and Wings of Angels, but as the winning post came near, Wings Of Angel showed a bigger heart and drew away for a win without bothering judge to call for a photo as it appeared the race was heading for a finish at the wire, credit also must be given to young Rathore who is improving his riding skills by the day. Nymp argubly the best bred in the field, was not the first choice of most bloggers sums up the chances of her winning, she doesn't seem to be a quality animal.

Race three saw another ding dong battle, the thundering of hooves on the railings and excitement of the crowds was perceptible but Shodaan failed to deliver and Fluent Victory who always had better credentials than it went past and won the race, though to be honest P Kamlesh didn't have the best of rides and some of his actions in the straight when every jockey has to do his best are questionable. However one of the tipster in the cyber space Golimaster completed a well deserved quick double, and insured his followers will be safe from bookies beating hereafter.

Unfancied Telstar funded the bookies tremendously, they had all the bets pocketed as there were hardly any takers for Telstar apart from small time punters, it was obvious the owners didn't go with Weizho, and went instead with Go Guzzi Go as many had predicted earlier and run of Choti Begum was dismal to say the least.

River Knight, Angelo and Treasure isle were expected to shine apart from Onasis and Vacheron, Angelo has tracked extensively well especially in Bangalore and was comfortably beating Natouchka, who later won there... River Knight won with some measure of comfort while Treasure Isle was given a hard ride only to stay second, a little disappointing was the timing of the race which undoubtly was due to monsoon track.

Fire Streak provided another fund raiser for bookies who may not have had so good since last year Pune season ended and lesser fancied Classic Star provided further profits to their undertakings, looks like most tipster must have bitten the dust today, if they don't fail like this on occasions, bookies will cease to exist.


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