Sunday, July 19, 2009


Pune Season got off to a lackluster start, the best race of the week was Class I win of Rimpuche in the Ramakrishnan Rao memorial cup. fancied strongly by the punters in the ring, in a race which had an open look to it, with likes of Jersey Pride, Mark Of Gibralter, Sugar Ray, and Kyles Of Bute in the fray. Rimpuche runs well on the rails and the draw was not the best on the widest from the rails, Neeraj Rawal who as a jockey has always shown great potential but usually fails to live up to it, made a hash of Rimpuche's Chances right at the start over this sprint distance where initial speed matters a lot, Neeraj Rawal pplaying by the instructions rushed from the outermost draw to capture rails and thus lost a lot of ground running a backmarker.

Rimpuche's followers had their hearts in the mouth because at the turn Rimpuche was lying ninth and some 12 lenghts off the leader. Enchanting Girl showed out in the straight and seemed to break away, Sugar Ray and Mark Of Gibralter loomed large, and soon Sugar Ray took the lead with Mark Of Gibralter and Kyles of Bute trying to zoom to the winning post, it was at this time at 150 Marker, Rimpuche came with telling strides and simply out sprinted her rivals and romped home with utter disdain for rest of the field.

Rimpuche's turn of foot was devastating, coming from a virtually losing position in straight it was an effort that displayed a big heart of a horse and suggests another victory in store for her in near future. Neeraj Rawal must be thanking his stars for the wonderful response Rimpuche gave to his urgings after the really awful start that the horse got to due to his inept handling at the start.

In Pune Red Romeo was a most impressive winner over the week end, this wonderful colt is in fine nick and will win a lot of Class I races provided he remains fit over next three years. Amongst three year olds, 'Feona' ran a great race and flew away to a well earned victory, she justified the faith reposed by the punters by delivering at nourishing odds.

While on day one of Pune, one of the oldest trainers Ivor Fernandes lead in a winner after quite a while, on the second day it was a pleasure to see Ms Nazak Chenoy argubly the youngest trainer leading in Jaydev Mody's Enceladus...may she lead in many more winners.



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