Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Angur Khatta Hain

Angur Khatta Hain

The fact :

Racinginfo has a membership of over 470 members so far, that is the highest readership recorded amongst these bloggers or other sites. Someone should ask racingpulse how many punters are registered there as members. Swamy, Shyam, Golimaster or anyone cannot dream of coming close to my site, in terms of popularity. During an election all candidates canvass and if I ask my members to vote for me at least half of them will definitely vote. Till today I have got only around 100 votes, and you gutless people say it is finger trick. Look at the competition at the Bloggers Park, that is a game of skill, every dick and harry, that is, masters and flukers have equal chance to outscore others in this game, for last five weeks I am leading in that competition, and I am at number 1, if I get maximum votes in Swamy's Poll, that is natural. Dont say Angur Khatta Hain".

Now to answer the post at horses and races

INTERNET POLLS : Hoax CLAIMS (losing party always clearfies this way )

what a digressing post ?? (yes I bet you will )

Rigging polls to achieve 2 minutes of FAME ?? and then tying to trying to put an act and talk of standards and ethics.(this article shows who is desperate for fame )

I notice lot of moral positions being taken by a few very elite bloggers in this matter.(people like us have self respect and want me to prove your past )

having spoken to a fairly respected information technology professional in this matter , the feedback which i received is shocking or surprising to say.

Suffice to say that the BLOGGERS who claim to be the best are very GOOD in publicity matters. I would have been very happy if they scored in the Tipping matters also.Not that i claim to be the best in this regard. ( the competition at bloggers park answers this question as who should try and score instead of writing these post )

It does seem that many of them are always using the blog to score brownie points by trying to occupy center stage.In reality this is a SHAM , perpetuated to satify the bruised egos.As simple as that. ( lets dig out the old posts to see what the fact is who writes for popularity and who is serious at work )

Coming to the point , the Polls usually allow ONLY ONE vote per COMPUTER.After the First vote , the display on the COMPUTER will not allow a second vote , as the change option is only displayed.It works fine ONLY if you have to set it up using cookies, so that you can only vote once per poll question.( if possible I am sure you woudnt have sat back to write this post )

Sadly if this is not done then and If you think that the matter ends there , you are mistaken.If the cookies are not disabled, any one can vote as many times as he /she wants . All that needs to be done is to go to Internet Option's and then DELETE the temporary cookies , files option.( only people like you can think of all this nonsence )

Once this is done , you need to exit from the browser and then go back to the site where the poll is being held and lo and behold , the OPTION to VOTE FRESH is again available.

I needed to test this and the only option available was to VOTE TWICE . ( how do I trust you have not voted 22 times)

a Honest CONFESSION , I VOTED TWICE THIS MORNING and the system accepted the entry. (honesty and you don’t go together, I have proofs for that )

It is a reasonable inference that the active Internet users are restricted to around 100 only.To see so many votes cast on a single day in favor of 2 particular TIPSTER's was a matter which aroused my curiosity and the feed back received confirmed my suspicions.All those who claim some moral victory or post tall claims are not so innocent as held out to be .(how did 472 register on the site then ?)

Multiple Votes from single IP's have only enabled the POLLS to reflect some of the blogger's in poor light by showing low votes .( ask the best technician in the world if there is a way to find out which ip casted the vote )

The real intent being to show the Leading Blogger's as the MOST POPULAR EVER . For what purpose ?? ( you guys put up the polls , for reasons best known to you )

Angur Khatta Hain )

At what cost ? for what dubious purpose ??( if you know it why not disclose it )

Pathetic is all that i would say.Grow up guys.( look at yourself 1st before pointing fingers to others )

Lastly challenge from the viewer :

parthiv, Tue Jul 07, 03:37:00 PM IST

Dear Shyam,
I will give you an award of Rs 10000/- if you can prove your claim. It is 3.30 now, I am giving 4 hours, i.e. upto 7.30 pm. You vote as much as you want in that poll and change the result in your favour. I doubt you are illiterate and senseless.

( prove your point lets see )


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